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41 Woolwich New Road,
London,   SE18 6EU
Telephone +44(0)844-357-3700

We have reopened but have limited the numbers to a maximum of 70.

We provide hand sanitisers on each table and face mask are readily available.

Tables are set out to the social distance requirements.

Your safety is our safety

Welcome Home - we celebrated 7 years on 29.01.22

The Caribbean Social Forum was started by, “the matured children” of the Windrush Generation on 29 January 2015.  The Forum is open to men and women aged 50+ and we currently have over 600 registered members mainly from the Caribbean and neighbouring countries, such as Guyana.  We have also attracted people from other countries who attends regularly and collectively we share and learn from each other.    


The aim of the Forum is to energise/involve us – now – together with the ‘yet-to-be’, ‘about to become’ retired and elder Caribbean community, in shaping futures that will more accurately reflect the lives we lead.  Communication is our key in leading healthier lives, reducing dementia, so having a place like the Caribbean Social Forum will help to combat isolation and allow people to bring back ‘a taste of the Caribbean’ with educational talks, dancing, music, singing, news and discussion groups, writing and much more.

Games with our Wires _ Painted Hall Gree

Games to play...

Apart from a shared history, a taste in food, beaches and sunshine there is Dominoes that is played in all the islands.   Chess, Scrabble, Draughts and other games such as Carrom are also played

Franklin Rogers Exhibition

Combating Loneliness and isolation

At the Caribbean Social Forum we have not forgotten the contribution that our elderly Caribbean have made throughout the years and our goal is make the end years more exciting than the former years.   We have retired NHS Nurses, Transport Workers, Teachers, Entrepreneurs, Professors, Doctors and many more.

The Caribbean "a unique collection of people strung together by a common history".   

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